Why You Need Beard Conditioner

Beard Conditioner functions to help replace the loss of natural oils in your hair, strengthen the follicles to protect against breakage, and according to Captain Obvious, make your beard soft.

But does it have any other benefits? Can you use your regular hair conditioner instead? Does it help your beard grow?

Beard Conditioner Benefits

I touched on a few of the benefits of an all-natural beard conditioner above, but let's get into the details.

Thanks to Beard Conditioner, say goodbye to the days of your beard being described as wiry or coarse. Even if your beard is thick, curly, and coarse, by conditioning your beard daily it will be easy to comb or brush through and super soft to the touch.

If your beard is on the curly side, you'll greatly appreciate the detangling benefits conditioner brings to the table. A bed beard is a nightmare for most beards, but if your beard is curly it can be darn near impossible to pass a comb or brush through your beard. After conditioning your beard, you'll have no problem combing or brushing your beard pain-free!

They say you can tell the health of your hair by the shine. This comes from the moisture locked into the hair follicles which the conditioner works to lock-in.

And if it couldn't get any better, Beard Conditioner works to make your beard strong. When you wash your beard, the hair cuticle is opened up to be cleaned. You seal it back up by using a conditioner to lock in nutrients and keep pollutants out. This will strengthen the hair to prevent breakage, split ends, and even hair loss.