Why You Need An Automatic Top Off System For Your Aquarium

Whether you have a small freshwater aquarium or a room-sized reef aquarium, the key to your animal's happiness is stability in their environment. Using an automatic shutdown system (ATO) can help ensure that the environment around you remains in good condition even if you don't check the tank for a week.

The ATO system is a device that regularly pumps fresh water into your aquarium from a separate tank. With an ATO system, you achieve two important elements.

First, you no longer have to monitor the level of your tank and extract multiple buckets of water to replace the fluids lost in natural evaporation. In contrast, the ATO system is programmed to turn on and automatically pump new water into the aquarium when the water level reaches your preferred lower limit.

The second benefit you will get from working with an ATO system is the stability of your aquarium environment, especially if it is a saltwater aquarium. Some examples of good auto shutdown systems

The Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155 Auto Top Off ATO comes from the inventor of the ATO system. This easy-to-install system uses an optical eye to accurately measure the water level and can even detect the movement of waves as the fish swim.

As part of its safety system, this device also has a safety float that stops the flow of water and gives a warning if the visual eye is malfunctioning. Better yet, if the optical eye and safety float failed, the entire ATO system circuit would shut down after 10 minutes.

This Tunze device also has a programmable timer. The system sends easy-to-read LED messages and an alarm indicates a safety problem.