Things to Know Before Calling a “We Buy Houses” Investors

There are some of the real estate investors who advertise with the "We Buy Houses" ad type. You usually see this ad in your local newspaper and on signs posted throughout the area. In the article, I said that if you need to sell quickly, which call the local real estate investor could be an option, but there are some things you need to know before making a call.

# 1: A Real Estate Investors who are looking for a deal if your home is worth $ 100,000 and you want $ 95,000 of it, you will not get from a real estate investor. Investors need to buy a home at a significant discount to make their profit margin. You can know more about we buy house investors through

The range can vary a bit depending on the price and the area and the conditions, but the general rule of thumb is no more than 70% of the real value.

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# 2: The Real Estate Investors do not represent you or your interests. Most investors will tell you that they are there to help you and they will guide you through the process, etc. The truth is that investors are potential buyers of your property and their ultimate goal is to get properties at the best deal for them.

# 3: Not All Real Estate Investors are created equal this is a simple truth; there are bad apples in every bunch. While most investors are really there to help you through a bad time, there are some that just will try to screw you out of the property.

# 4: This is more important than ever for investor’s research before making the deal. Some offer creative as possible is: Subject of the transaction, Lease Option, Option Straight, Land Trust (be very wary of this one depends on your country), contracts Deed / Land contract.