How An Online Gift Registry Help To Plan Your Big Day

The online gift registry provides an online platform on which anyone can create own gift registry to receives gifts from guests on their big day. It is completely online and so easy to use from the comfort of the home. With the help of online gift registry websites, you can add items from any store.


Online gift registry helps you to plan your special day or occasion  and allow you to create registry like:

  • Birthday party registry
  • Baby shower registry
  • Wedding gift registry
  • Wishing well registry
  • Travel registry  and many more 

No matter the store is online or offline, you can add gifts from anywhere and make your wishlist for those items and wishes you really want.

For receiving all gifts and funds from guests, you first register yourself on the online registry sites. After the successful registration, you can add anything you need.

Even you can also share a link of your registry with your friends and family. With the registry link, your guests can easily visit your created gift registry and bought items for you.

Couples can also request for fund contribution for honeymoon and travel. Guest can pay funds into your registry account, once you receive your payment then you will able to purchase your registered items.