Things to Know About Deadlines your Taxes During Coronavirus Pandemic


Even during the best of circumstances, taking care of your taxes leads to a lot of stress. For instance; there are forms that are already confusing, threat of an audit and many more. Furthermore, due to the pandemic events of the coronavirus, things have definitely escalated for the worse. Due to this outbreak, there has been a large impact on the tax season of 2020 where people have no clue about what to do on their taxes. Here are a few things you should do during this pandemic event for your taxes.

  1. You have Time Beyond April 15th – If you own a business or is a regular taxpayer, then you should know that majority of the countries have extended the payment date beyond April 15th. This means, you have the time to make the necessary arrangements without facing any form of interest or penalties.
  2. Don’t Procrastinate on your Taxes – If you’re aiming or expecting a refund, then filing for it sooner is better than doing it later. Filing for refund early has nothing to do with the pandemic and moreover, it is about considering doing this as a good form of habit.
  3. Will your Refund be Affected – It does not seem to be likely because the IRS of all the countries are trying to help the nation in fighting the pandemic along with accept tax returns and send refunds to all the citizens.

There are many more things to consider on doing taxes during this pandemic event that is happening all over the world. You can learn more by hiring the best accountants in Hope Island region for understanding on taxes.

Consequences for failing to pay Taxes


When it comes to paying taxes, many people wonder whether if it’s alright not to pay. However, failure to pay your taxes will only result in consequences. If you’re wondering what those consequences are, here are a few you should know about.

  1. Fines & Penalties – One of the first consequences you will be facing include fines and penalties. The more time you take or delay in paying your taxes, the more you pay as a fine. This will keep adding up from several hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  2. Visit Court – Failure to pay your taxes in a long time will result in you visiting a court. Now it may sound less intimidating however, you are bound to spend extra money in hiring a lawyer to sort out the matter.
  3. Spend Time in Jail – This happens rarely however, there have been people who have spent some of their time inside a jail. The amount of time and money accumulated results in jail time. Therefore, make sure you pay your taxes as early as possible.
  4. Additional Expenditure – This is especially for those who own a business and do not pay their taxes. From your certain amount of income, you are eligible to get tax-free. However, the rest needs to be paid by tax. If you fail to pay, you are bound to lose your business as time passes by. 

So, apart from facing these consequences ensure you pay your taxes on time. Make sure you hire one of the best tax accountant in gold coast region.