Making The Great American Sandwich

Is there anything better than a bite of a delicious homemade sandwich? Follow these tips on how to make a great sandwich if you have the desire to have lunch this American classic.

Use the best bread. Bread is the starting point to make a killer sandwich. Bland generic supermarket brand is what you should stay away from. Choose warm bread that you can sink your teeth into and really appreciate the taste and go with the fresh bread that you can find. It will make you a much better sandwich.

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The best sandwich had plenty of flavors. The texture should be considered as well. Finely cut meat and cheese allows you to layer the different flavors without bulking up too much of your sandwich.

A butcher will be able to slice the meat very thin for you. Fresh-cut meat is what makes great sandwiches along with the original cheese, not processed. You should go for the fresh vegetables you can find. Sandwiches are just not the same unless it has some vegetables.

But whatever you use, make sure it is fresh up your great sandwich. Try topping your lunchtime meal with things like apples, pineapple, cucumber or coleslaw. Each vegetable will be accepted, as long as the right meat and spices selected. Make them bite-size is the key.