How To Promote Clickbank Products And Make Money Fast

make clickbank sales onlineWhether you are a new or experienced affiliate marketer at some point in your career you will hear or may have already heard about a great affiliate product network called Clickbank.

Clickbank is a digital market place that sells thousands of products spread across hundreds of niches from self help guides to weight loss programs. As an affiliate it is probably the easiest network to sign up for and grab an affiliate link in a matter of minutes.

As a new affiliate marketer, having instant access to 1000s of products to promote is absolute gold, but how do you promote clickbank products without a website?

In today’s post, we are going to be talking about tips to help you make money online selling profitable Clickbank products.

Tip 1 – Choose The Best Programs And Write A Review

On the Clickbank platform there is a feature called Gravity. Gravity measure how many recent affiliates have sold a product on the Clickbank Marketplace. It is to your advantage to choose products that have high gravity before deciding to promote them. This will help weed out products that no one else is making sales from promoting. Once you have chosen a program to promote, write a quality review. If you are not good at doing that you can outsource it. Check out my 12 minute affiliate review to get an idea of how yours should look.

Tip 2- Look For An Affiliate Center

Before promoting anything online. Make sure there is an affiliate center with resources such as banners, article content, email swipes, lead magnets and more. If the vendor has taken the time to setup an affiliate center, this is a sign they are serious about helping their affiliates get paid.

Tip 3 – Focus On Driving Quality Traffic

Whether you are driving traffic directly to your affiliate link or to a squeeze page, focus on niching down and only showing your links to people that have the highest probability of being interested. For example, you could buy a solo ad from a vendor already in the internet marketing space.

Whatever you do, DO NOT go randomly spamming your links all over the internet like most newbies do. This rarely works to get any sales and will most likely get you blocked from promoting the product by the vendor because they do not want junk traffic coming to their sales pages.

Tip 4- Know When To Hold Them Or Fold Them

Just like when playing any card game, you’ve got to know when to hang it up. What does this mean? The fact of the matter is, not all products convert. If you have been sending quality traffic to an affiliate link for quite some time and you are just not getting a positive return on your investment, it may be time to promote something else.

Tip 5 – Never Stop Learning

Once you start making money online, do not get over confident and stop being a student of the game. Smart affiliate marketers are always looking for a  way to grow and advance their craft. If you work to stay on top of the latest and greatest trends, you will never be behind the power curve.

If you follow the five tips listed above, you should never have problems making money on Clickbank or with any other affiliate network out there. Good luck and happy profits.