How To Determine Which Types Of Dentures Are Right For You

Numerous reasons cause patients to desire dentures, even following a lifetime of pristine dental care and hygiene. Dentures help you maintain your ability to eat, chew, and talk correctly. They'll also help your smile look good.

You will find, in actuality, multiple kinds of dentures accessible. For more information about dentures you can visit


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Kinds of Dentures

Complete Dentures: Full dentures would be the ideal alternative for dental patients that have lost all their teeth if it is from corrosion or injury.

Total dentures possess a flesh-colored foundation that protects the teeth with "imitation" ceramic or porcelain teeth. The teeth are designed to coincide with pure color and appearance.

The foundation of complete dentures can be made from metal or acrylic alloy (chrome cobalt). Dentures with an aluminum base match more comfortably and securely, but they're less durable than people with chrome-cobalt foundations.

Partial Dentures: when a dental patient has only a few missing teeth, partial dentures would be the ideal solution. Cosmetic dentures fill in gaps brought on by missing teeth by attaching crowns to present teeth with metal clasps attaching to existing teeth.

Implant-Supported Dentures: Another edition of partial dentures is implant-supported dentures. Rather than clasps and implants being connected to existing teeth, these partial dentures demand enhancements being inserted into the patient's gum to supply a stronger, permanent anchor for the implants.