Conditions You Didn’t Know Your Podiatrist Could Treat

You may be well aware that your podiatrist will treat issues such as sports injuries, ingrown nails, disorders of the joints and bones, complaints circulatory and nervous and even a muscle problem but the services offered by the clinic podiatry local extend farther from that.

If you work in one of the many professions that require you to be on your feet all day, every day, a podiatrist in Baltimore MD can help you to come up with practical solutions. Your podiatrist could also assist you with relaxation methods to immediately ease tension and pains in your lower legs as well as massage treatments you can simply do at home to relieve swelled ankles or puffy feet.

In fact, there are more than a few conditions you do not know your podiatrist can treat. Look at some of these:


If you are diabetic you cannot ignore your feet. One major cause for concern with diabetes is poor circulation and can cause ulcers to form is not only uncomfortable and ugly but serious as well. If neglected, the infection can be formed and this can eventually lead to necessary life-saving amputation.

Your podiatrist will be able to discuss footwear designed specifically for diabetics and also will be able to advise you on exercise and activity.

Knee problems

Although podiatrists will largely focus on the bottom leg legs they will treat knee problems, including osteoarthritis of the knee.

Working with a podiatrist to use strength-building exercises can help with issues related to the pelvis and legs, and knees and legs, and can even refer you for surgery as a last resort.