Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning Of Commercial Refrigeration

A cooling unit is the source of every cafeteria , restaurant, or commercial kitchen. If the refrigerator or freezer is not operating efficiently, an establishment is basically throwing money in terms of spoiled product.

Allows large buildup of dust and debris can reduce the efficiency of the unit, which means it uses more power, drives up operating costs and shortens the life of the unit. Here are some simple instructions for how to clean commercial refrigerator condenser coils.

efrigeration case cleaning

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Cleaning Condenser Coils & Fan

1. Remove items from the refrigerator / freezer – remove all perishable items from the unit. Put them into another unit or cold to keep them from spoiling.

2. Find the condenser coils and fans – Some models have a front coil at the bottom or at the top of the unit. older units may have the coils on the back of the unit. Check the owner's manual for more information.

3. Brush the dust or stuck-on debris – Using a stiff brush, gently clean the coil and fan. Carefully brush so you do not damage the coil.

4. Vacuum the coils and the surrounding area – Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust at or near the coil. Make sure to vacuum carefully to avoid damage to the coil.

5. Replace fireplace – After everything is clean, replace the grate back into the unit.

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