Kids Birthday Party Ideas For Party Games

You will have plenty of options to keep children happy by coming up with a series of children's birthday party ideas. Here are some games that children can enjoy playing.

Musical Chairs –

Tried and true, but always a favorite that brings many smiles and giggles. Have chairs for the kids to dance and move around to make sure there is one less chair then there are children. When the music stops, everyone should get a chair.

One is left without a chair, and the other chair is removed. This goes on until there is only one chair left, and whoever manages to sit on it, when the music stops, is the ultimate winner of the game. If you are looking for kid's birthday party venues in Vaughan then you can have a peek at this website.

Put a tail on a donkey –

To play put a tail on a donkey, all you have to do is hang a big picture of a donkey on the wall. A tail is handed to the children with eyes closed, spins around, and is sent on its way to pin the tail at the bottom of the donkey. Whoever passes the tail must be the winner.

Musical Statues –

All kids have to dance while music plays in the background. When you pause the music, all of them have to freeze at the moment it stops. Anyone caught moving when the music isn't playing, shall be out of the game. The last person who stays in the game will be the winner.