Just In Time Cloning

This method allows you to reproduce plants without having to buy new seeds each time, but it avoids the parent selection process or the need to plant the mother plant.

Simply put, if you have plants, you can cut them before turning them into flowers. You can then remove the clones until the native plant enters the flower.

Once the clones are ready to flower, take one part and place it in the flower next to the original plant. To get marijuana clones you can opt for San Bernardino clones for sale.

New clones can come out until the end of the first and the second begins to bloom … and so on.


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With practice and good weather, this process can provide you with a continuous supply without the need for a special mother plant.

You can practice it on as many individual plants as you like. The only downside is that you don't have control over the selection.

However, since most seeds from the best seed banks are stable and of guaranteed quality, this can be a very effective method.

• germinate your seeds;

• Plant your vegetables until they are ready to flower.

• Take cuttings and store them under vegetative light while you place native plants in flowering light.

• When the cuttings are ready to begin flowering, take one and keep the second in vegetative light while placing the first in flowering light with the original plant.

• When you are done pruning the original plant, take the cut from the second cut and keep it under vegetative light while you place the second cut next to the first in the flowering room.