Emergency First Aid and CPR

Millions of people are injured every year. An ambulance can mean the difference between life and death for the many people who are seriously injured. CPR is just as important. When someone has a heart attack, rapid CPR can mean the difference between life and death.

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Some of the first aid steps are fairly straightforward.

Breathing: does anything affect a person's ability to breathe?

Bleeding / Breathing: As simple as it sounds, very shallow breathing may not be obvious. See, hear and feel the breath. If victim is not breathing, initiate oral resuscitation.

After checking your breathing, the next thing you should watch out for is bleeding. Is there excessive bleeding? If so, this should be checked. The best way to control bleeding is direct pressure.

Circulation: Look, hear and feel the heartbeat. You won't always be able to feel the pulse on your wrist. It is best to check the carotid artery pulse. If your blood pressure drops significantly, you may not feel a pulse in your wrist.

Apart from first aid, most of the courses offered also offer CPR, which can literally save lives. CPR can also be taught as a standalone course, through the American Heart Association.