Better Treatments For AIDS

The recent discovery of the second group of doctors in the United States on the therapeutic effects of marijuana for AIDS and cancer patients will certainly create a debate if Washington openly accepts the proposal of public consumption.

The College of American doctors suggested the viability of marijuana for medical purposes. He said better drugs and treatments can be taken from the plant prohibited a long time according to recent studies. If you are looking for the marijuana transport service then you can visit

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That marijuana promises better treatments for AIDS patients who suffer from extreme weight loss. For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, it can help reduce the extreme cases of nausea and vomiting.

The group further research into the prohibited plant should be considered to identify its other applications in medicine. But it is hampered by federal laws and limited resources on the legalization of other studies to be conducted.

Certainly, the recent US findings may relieve millions of AIDS and cancer patients around the world should they be proven by reliable studies.

The group has yet to present solid evidence of the US government that the therapeutic effects of marijuana will not cause side effects on patients. Optimal doses of its intake must be perfect to eliminate dependence notions among potential patients.