All About Managed Hosting Services

As businesses put more and more emphasis on the online side of their operations for marketing and as a point of sales the performance of their websites becomes more integral to their success as a whole. Therefore, many businesses are now choosing to put the management of their website infrastructure into more trusted hands and are opting for managed hosting.

In short, a managed service is the one that provides businesses with a complete package of dedicated servers to host their web sites, software, set up and ongoing maintenance of their servers. Therefore, it allows businesses to completely outsource their hosting requirements.

With a dedicated server, the client uses an entire distinct server within a data centre on which to host their website. These servers are not physically divided by another site or client and therefore will not suffer from performance problems that result from sharing, such as load handling, malware or physical damage during maintenance of shared website hosting.

A managed service will also benefit from server colocation whereby the server is physically placed away from the businesses own premises and within a purpose built data centre. These data centres are normally located on the internet backbone and have excellent systems in place to preserve the performance and up-time of the server, such as fire protection systems, security and back up servers/cables/power.