About Us

Chris Rosa - Managing Partner

Chris has spent the last 14 years working in Customer Service. He has experience in many areas including: food and beverage, hospitality, and management. Chris has demonstrated in his prior work experience that he will not only meet expectations, but also set new standards in all areas of customer service. Chris believes that this experience will allow him to meet the needs of all of the clients that Legacy Auction Services works with.

Chris is a focused individual with a good sense of attention to detail. Chris has a Bachelor of Science in History Education from Kennesaw State University. Chris completed his studies and an intensive education program while sustaining a full time job. This accomplishment shows his commitment to his goals and maintaining a level of excellence in whatever he does.

Chris most recently worked in the self- storage industry. He has a working knowledge of the auction process from the consumer side and this will allow a seamless transition to the process as an auctioneer. Chris is a graduate of the Florida Auctioneer Academy and a licensed auctioneer in the states of Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

Chris Rosa
Managing Partner
Licensed Auctioneer

Florida Auctioneer - AU4167 and AB2825
Texas Auctioneer - 16850
Georgia Auctioneer - AU003753
Illinois Auctioneer - 441.002059
Pennsylvania Auctioneer - AU005857
NYC Auctioneer - 2001174-DCA
Louisiana Auctioneer - 1878

Brandon Mollica - Auctioneer

While attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham Brandon enlisted in the United States Army Chemical unit where he spent the next few years. This brought him to the city of Orlando where he spent most of his time in a chemical decontamination unit stationed in Winterpark, FL. During his time in Orlando Brandon was found by Sentry Self Storage where he spent the next 6 years managing storage facilities in Florida and Georgia. Brandon was recognized numerous months for “best call of the month” and received the award for assistant manager of the 4th quarter in 2007.

Brandon has worked in the self-storage industry as a facility manager for over 6 years before becoming a full time auctioneer. This working knowledge of the auction process from the facility level has allowed a seamless transition to the self-storage foreclosure processes as an auctioneer. Brandon is a graduate of the Georgia School of Auctioneering and a licensed auctioneer in the states of Georgia, Florida, and Texas.

Brandon Mollica
Licensed Auctioneer

Florida Auctioneer - AU4400 and AB2825
Georgia Auctioneer - AU003920
Illinois Auctioneer - 441.002062
Minnesota Auctioneer - 2714174
Texas Auctioneer - 17158

Cheli Rosa - Auctioneer

Cheli Rosa began her career in the Atlanta area as a high school teacher. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and History Education. A lifelong passion for learning brought her to teaching. Shortly after, she entered the storage business working at the facility level before she became a full time auctioneer for Legacy Auction Services. Cheli spent several years as a full time auctioneer and shared her expertise through training and conducting seminars for Sentry Self Storage and the Florida Self Storage Association. Cheli eventually transitioned to a position where she focused on the education and storage aspects of Self Storage Lien Sales. While she does not conduct many auctions anymore, she is always behind the scenes ensuring that Legacy Auction Services is up to date on lien laws in each of the states in which they conduct auctions. She continues to conduct training seminars and she is the primary business administrator for Legacy Auction Services. Cheli also divides her time between the auction industry and the storage industry. She is currently the Social Media Manager for Sentry Self Storage Management. Her involvement in both the auction and storage industries gives her a unique and useful perspective on storage auctions.

Cheli Rosa
Licensed Auctioneer

Florida Auctioneer - AU4247 and AB2825
Georgia Auctioneer - AU003807
Texas Auctioneer - 17062