Legacy Auction Services is a full service auction company providing services in Florida, Texas, Georgia and beyond. We conduct auctions in various industries and arenas including:

Legacy Auction Services Is Now Auctioning Storage Units Online!

Legacy Auction Services has partnered with CrucialClicks.com, an Internet marketing and web development provider, to bring you online auctions through StorageStuff.Bid. You will get the same level of service on our website that you get from our live auctions. Just like live auctions, we charge a 10% buyer's premium. There are no hidden fees or membership packages.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can call Chris or Cheli, our Customer Service Team at 877-758-4243, or contact us here.

We strive to provide our clients with:

  • a seamless process from inquiry to advertising to auction to payout.
  • fast and efficient processes to expedite the experience for all those involved.
  • advance planning and coordination with your teams and committees to ensure a successful auction.
  • the highest level of entertainment to your supporters in order to gain the greatest levels of profits for your organization.

We are committed to providing assistance and support to our sellers and buyers alike. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about our auctions or the auction process, in general.

Most importantly,
we aim to create a LEGACY
of honesty, integrity and profitability
in the auction business

Self Storage Experience...

Legacy Auction Services auctioneers and partners have extensive operations experience in the self storage industry and can, therefore, offer auction services that will most effectively impact the operations of your facility. We understand the competitive market, revenue management, occupancy issues, and the liabilities associated with the enforcement of a lien. This is exactly why we can offer varied levels of service including conducting the actual sale, a thorough review of files prior to the sale to ensure that all state requirements have been met, perform title and lien searches on vehicles and vessels, and more. Our goal is to maximize the income for your defaulted units, minimize your exposure and liability, and return these units to a rentable condition.

Legacy Auction Services, LLC is a licensed auction business in the State of Florida (AB2825).